What makes a better gift than a dinner or lunch at Moon? A pleasure to give and an even greater enjoyment to receive and use. Whether it be a gift, Christmas treat, incentive or giveaway: our gift certificate always tastes for more. You can order our gift certificate through this application form.

Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions regarding our gift certificates? Contact us via info@restaurantmoon.nl.Moon_Cadeaucheque_Digitaal_Website_Voorbeeld

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Amount (min. €25,-, to spend at once)

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- By email

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We kindly request you to transfer your specified amount as soon as possible to bank account NL83RABO0191984647 with the description ‘gift certificate + name recipient’. After your payment is received the gift certificate will be distributed within 48 hours.

  • Each gift certificate contains a unique code. This code will only be provided once. In case of theft (this includes use of unauthorized third parties) or loss there will be no reimbursement.
  • The gift certificate will be distributed within 48 hours after receiving the payment on Moon’s bank account.
  • To use the gift certificate, you must hand over a digital or printed version of the gift certificate at the bill. Please reserve beforehand. The value of the gift certificate will be deducted from the total amount on your bill. In case your bill is lower than the value of the gift certificate, the remaining amount will expire. The residual value is not redeemable for cash.
  • The minimum amount for requesting a gift certificate is €25.
  • The gift certificate is valid for one year after issuance.
  • You will find the expiration date on the gift certificate.
  • It is not permitted to alter or falsify the gift certificate.
  • The gift certificate cannot be used in combination with other offers.